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#Trump says FBI #raided Mar-a-Lago
#trump belongs in prison. #LockHimUpNow
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The "lock her up" people running for the fainting couches.
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If they could do it to him, none of us is safe! #MaraLargo #Trump #FBI
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#Trump really is a threat to exposing Democrats. They really got butt hurt on 2016 for Trump pulling the covers off the party of shackles and chains, the Democrats. Too late, rats, we know you want to turn #America into a dictatorship.
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FBI raid of Trump home is a national security investigation #nationalsecurity #Trump #Maralago #fbiraid
THREAD. Because the FBI search concerned classified docs, this is a national security investigation. That can help explain why DOJ was willing to move on this, and to do so regardless of what may be going on with the 1/6 investigation
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HeyYyY tell #Trump to return the Lincoln Bust! #TrumpHistory #FAAFO ABOUT #THEKNOCK AND NOBODY IS ABOVE THE #LAW PERIOD! #HeBuriedHerOnHisGolfCourse #UnFckngBelievable So NOW THEY/THEM know how Congress felt on #Jan6th Surprise MFKRS!
A THRIFT STORE IN SALEM, MA?!? HOW DID I GET HERE ... and only $125 ...
It鈥檚 targeting even if you committed a crime. If you believe that I know a guy who can sell you a Senator鈥檚 seat. #Trump
The FBI raiding the home of President Trump. Haven鈥檛 been this shocked since the FBI came to my home at 6 am to arrest me. Targeting political leaders by a weaponized and politicized DOJ is a criminal attack on our democracy. A tragic day for ALL Americans.
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The #FBI seizure of 13 boxes of material at #Trump's Mar-A-Lago residence has NO RELATION TO #January6th. Is the DOJ really going after Trump for a violation of the Presidential Records Act, which every President has violated since the act was adopted. THIS IS LAUGHABLE! 馃槀
This is just a reminder to anyone who has this dumb bumper stick or flag that the #FBI are also police officers. #BackTheBlue #Trump #TrumpRaid #fbiraidmaralago #FBISearchWarrant #MarALagoRaid
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#Trump confirms #FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago #SaveAmerica
#TrumpCult, don't panic since #Trump's #MarALagoRaid happened. Look on the bright side: he hasn't been arrested yet. Chant lock her up now! Lol
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The guy #Trump appointed as FBI Director, RAIDED MAR-A-LAGO!! Christopher Wray聽was sworn in as the Director of the FBI on August 2, 2017. Can it get any better than this?? #TrumpRaid #TrumpIsACriminal鈥
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At Mar-A-Lago FBI Agent1: Sir, we鈥檝e opened the safe. FBI Agent2: What did you find? FBI Agent1: Some boxes and this piece of paper. On one side it says, 鈥淧TO鈥 and on the other it says, 鈥淧TO鈥. It鈥檚 very well worn. #Trump #FBIMaralago
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"This is all just a pre-emptive coup, to keep #Trump from running President! They're treating him like a COMMON CRIMINAL! Don't they know he's a SPECIAL CRIMINAL?!"
#MAGA #Trump Save US Democracy, defend your president.