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This Person Has No Idea,No Answers, just blames #ScoMo #auspol
'Walking the ICAC Minefield' #auspol #Scomo #FederalICAC
Have always said that just because @AlboMP isn’t #Scomo does not mean he shouldn’t be held accountable. Being better than the previous scum doesn’t give you a free pass. He is here to serve all Australians, not just wealthy business owners & ALP donors.
Am being told i am offensive for criticising a decent man - Albanese & the Labor Party who are doing their best. Are they though? People on social security left to starve. Asylum seekers still locked up. More coal mines. Covid running amok unchecked. I'm right.
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That is really mature of you and giving a great lesson to your children too! Did you resign your #Australian citizenship when you didn't agree with having @HonTonyAbbott or #Scomo as your PM?
. Here's all you need to know about the Aussies left behind in Syria. It's another issue where #Scomo's hideous mob has FAILED to act. #Auspol22 #Auspol
More than 60 Australian women and children who have languished in Syrian detention camps for three years. Now, they may be coming home, but can they re-enter society safely? Former ADF special operations analyst Shane Healy joins us. #TheProjectTV
But like #Scomo, once in power @AlboMP refuses to listen to the scientific experts. I feel that, like the #MurdochGutterMedia he’s too busy listening to publicans, cafe owners & hairdressers, or maybe just his business donors 💰💰💰 If we put ppl before profits we’d have workers.
I think you would have to say that Labor is ignoring expert opinion in this instance. I mean, the AMA is hardly a bolshie organisation, but it's come out recommending ongoing use of masks.…
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BREAKING: While 120 bushfires burn across Queensland, Adani have announced they will self-fund the $2 billion Carmichael coal mine, with construction to start before Christmas. #auspol…
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You'd sell more to @EverlastAus if it was a #Scomo pic!
That stupid smirk could compete with #Scomo 's #scottmorrison #dropthesmirk #ReesMogg
It’s happening
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thank god he’s gone retweeted
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Liar from the Shire Fitted T-Shirt… We feel this simple piece speaks for itself really #scomo #australia #auspol #liar #scottmorrison #australian #politics #morrison #labor #scott #liberal #pm