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@PolizeiSalzburg investigate. Arrest. Deport. #russianCrimes
Russian woman walks around the streets of Germany, recording herself taunting Ukrainian refugees. She says “screw your Ukraine”, “let’s have a referendum in Kherson”, and other stupidities.
On the territory of the Bucha community, the bodies of 458 people who died as a result of the #russianCrimes invasion were found and identified, including 12 children, said Bucha Vice Mayor Mikhailina Skorik-Shkarovskaya. Most of the dead were shot in cars during the evacuation.
New @bellingcat investigation on the 3 videos showing the castration and murder of a Ukrainian PoW. We geolocated the footage, confirmed that the Akhmat group was indeed responsible, and identified & called the now-infamous Akhmat fighter wearing the hat.…
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