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“The only answer is at the ballot box, to elect people who will stand up for every American’s rights… Once you allow this kind of extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for next.” @HillaryClinton @NorahODonnell #RoeVWade #WHPA
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At its core, Roe v. Wade recognizes the fundamental right to privacy. When the right to privacy is attacked, anyone in our country may face a future where the government can interfere in their personal decisions. Not just women. Anyone.
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Sucks that they didn't overturn #RoevWade before you were born.
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Abortion Politics - a collection of articles from Cambridge The collection is organized into categories to facilitate more in-depth consideration of different facets of the law, politics, and human impact of abortion and abortion rights. #roevwade
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Actually I think it's women's rights. #RoevWade
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5 Judges "signed off" on the rights of women to decide what they do with the reproductive health. The Deep State hates women. What's your point. 🤨 #RoevWade #AbortionIsHealthcare
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BREAKING: @RepJohnCurtis Campaign Field Director Reveals Congressman "Does Not Like The Trigger Laws" Banning Abortion in Utah if #RoeVWade Overturned; Hides Views From Voters "He has not come out and stated it - that's the problem" "He won't win"
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State Rep. @ReneePack52 is an Army veteran who fought to defend all Americans’ RIGHTS and liberties. Last week, she fought to defend a woman’s RIGHT to CHOOSE. #bansoffourbodies #inlegis #roevwade #indy
Cry more Kevin @GOPLeader Democrats are registering in record numbers due to the overturning of #RoevWade #NoGavel4You We don’t want insurrectionists either. Women want their pro-choice rights.
Remind me how the overwhelming majority of Americans feel about #RoevWade being overturned Vs how #SCOTUS feels @LindseyGrahamSC ? Or do cute tweet platitudes only apply when things aren’t going well for Republicans?
As to media reports regarding a search of President Trump’s home in Florida by the FBI, several thoughts come to mind: We’re 100 days away from midterm elections.  President Trump is likely going to run again in 2024.  No one is above the law. The law must be above politics.
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We Don't Know who Leaked the Supreme Court's Plan to Abolish #RoevWade but right now I am more interested in who spilled the Beans on Trump at #MarALago? If the Beans Exist
Where are all the Americans crying over overturning the #RoevWade now lmaoo or killing innocent people lives and terrorizing their land is less important than banning abortion 😘😘