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It is with utter shame, as a South African, that my government is hosting #Blinken as if he's an innocent emissary of peace; when he's a neo-liberal that is responsible for the deaths of millions of people throughout the world - including the murder of brother #Gadaffi.
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Same #Sarkozy who later was convicted for taking money from #gadaffi Did he take money from #Putler as well?
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#gadaffi spurde aldri folket Klar til å drepe hundretusenvis i Aust
So Sad - The Late #SaddamHussein #Gadaffi must be turning in their graves ... Giving arms to @DefenceU Is not enough , Its time to use one smart CM against the Bloodhound @KremlinRussia_E @POTUS
Saltivka today. The largest residential area in Ukraine, with over 400,000 inhabitants, Russia turned into a haunted and abandoned place. Putin is unable to break Ukrainian resistance and tries to kill the city in revenge.
#MarkRutte Dutch Dictator #Wef #koninklijkhuis fraude We dont need them! #Netherlands is a dictatorship #Gadaffi
Gadaffi tried this in Africa,they k!lled him..Now let's see what they will do to Russia n China. #Theretimeisup #africa #Gadaffi #Sankara #gold
Did you know that; Libya was the only #Africa country with #Zero debt and $150 billion in Assets around the world under the Late #Muammar #Gadaffi? Of course you didn’t, the mainstream media will not tell you this. Follow @AfricaStars2 to learn more.
@BarackObama. Africans supported u, glad & proud of u. While at top, u killed #Gadaffi, Africans most respected leader. U gave Nigeria @MBuhari, 1 of Nigeria's worst Presidents. Ur plan to help destroy #Africa. Genocide in Cameroon? U r mute. Ukraine? U weighed in. @MichelleObama
Im convinced people are just plain STUPID. Dont they ever learn?? ANY #Gadaffi should be nowhere near power and authority in #Libya. Period. Same goes for #Marcos son in the #Phillipines. Idiots! #SaifGadaffi
yachts, parties, butlers and Belgravia apartments ... ideal qualification for presidential candidates obviously. @JulietteGarside and the emails that reveal the life and loves of Saif Gadaffi…
This is what I am saying, our body is designed to heal self... but they know that and are coming up with viruses as General #Gadaffi was saying.
Wound Healing Timelapse (28 days)
Same with #Gadaffi, tyrants, but they kept their own in check.
🙄 Remember rasta in #Nimes wanting to lend me Gadaffi's green book & getting VERY aggressive when I said no thanks & labelled him a tyrant/dictator. #Gadaffi
This woke play is now showing at the Avignon festival, Fr. It’s the story of an unemployed Guyanese actor who imagines being Muammar Qadhafi & wonders whether the Libyan leader was a terroristic tyrant or, perhaps, a positive de-colonizing figure, after all. A sign of the times
Las razones por las que la OTAN, con protagonismo francés, asesinó a Gaddafi y destrozó Libia según los emails filtrados de H. Clinton: impedir la formación de una Unión monetaria que compita la del Franco francés, evitar la unidad política de África, controlar sus recursos, etc
#BillGatesBioterrorist needs the #Gadaffi treatment.
Bill Gates owns a concerning amount of farmland. I don't trust him.
Give All Guilty #Globalist Leaders - the #Gadaffi treatment.
There's a historic uprising around the world against the evil New World Order - and the fake news media isn't even covering it.
It’s hard to escape the perception that once someone who doesn’t entirely tow the line gains power, on right or left, there are shadowy forces who will ensure their marginalisation or murder. #johnson #trump #corbyn #saddam #gadaffi